Bite of Baltimore - Food Tour

When I think food tour, I think, "Eat. Eat. Eat". While that's a nice thought, it also seems a bit daunting (and bloating!). However, food is only half the fun of a food tour!

Let's take a step back for introductions.

Hi, I'm Zack: Food Tour co-owner, operator, and enthusiast. I've taken food tours in many cities I've visited, from sea to shining sea, and from one country to another.  I love exploring a new city, one bite at a time! 

It all started in my early 20's, when I had a "9-5" job in IT that was fulfilling financially, but lacking in excitement and fun.  I began supplementing with odd jobs around Baltimore: restaurant valet, Segway tour guide, food tour guide.  The latter quickly became a passion and favorite past-time. 

After settling down with a lovely lady and a few pets, I started my own food tour company--to bring the best Baltimore Food Tour experience to locals and tourists alike.

Baltimore's Thames Street at twilight:  In America, it's Thames "th-aims", not "temz"

The City of Baltimore

Baltimore: steeped in history and richly diverse, this city is made of many neighborhoods that are stitched together to form the fabric of city living. Some neighborhoods in Baltimore predate the founding of our nation!  Some areas of Baltimore have been blessed--with vibrant restaurants, shops, bars, pubs, and entertainment venues. Other Baltimore neighborhoods showcase the benefits of multicultural and residential diversity, with quiet tree lined streets and tight-knit communities.  Still other Baltimore communities are mired by poverty, in need of help promised by so many, but delivered by so few. There are many facets of Baltimore to explore, and we plan to highlight them for our patrons. 

When you take a food tour with Bite of Baltimore, you'll be experiencing much more than just great food. You will learn about our rich history, our most famed residents, and how they relate to our everyday lives.  

"What exactly is a food tour, anyway???"  

We hear this question many times, from friends and strangers a like.  A Food Tour technically consists of walking to several different restaurants in one day.  A Food Tour can include foods from many different restaurants and cultures.  A Food Tour can include a little or a lot of local tidbits about a neighborhood.  

A Bite of Baltimore Food Tour has six stops total.  We have five stops that highlight the best food in a Baltimore neighborhood, and one stop that features a local drink that's a signature of Baltimore.  A Bite of Baltimore Food Tour, will be rich with Baltimore's culture and will show how much we love Baltimore.  A Bite of Baltimore Food Tour shows how much Baltimore has grown: from the scrappy little Colonial settlement, to the tasty and diverse city you see today.

A fantastic food tour is an expression of its city, and we hope to show you first hand how great Baltimore can be!