Light City 2018

Light City Baltimore. More than just an exhibit, it has now become the keystone of Spring. At the end of Winter, there is now literally a light at the end of the tunnel. We could not be more welcoming. 

A Thoroughly Baltimore Festival

Last year, we wrote about Light City in good detail.  It is an art and cultural festival that lasts a whole week, with musical features, lectures, and art abound.  There are art installations all over Baltimore, with the bulk of its installations at the Inner Harbor district.  

The festival just completed a "neighborhood" week, where many Baltimore neighborhoods lit up their own buildings to highlight neighborhood gems and in anticipation of the city-wide festival.

Festivities will be starting this week in earnest, (and it's supposed to be 75+ degrees) and it's sure to be the busiest and most fun you can have with Light City. 


Light City Plaque from last year

Light City Plaque from last year

The Opening Parade will be held on Saturday the 14th.  Various outdoor DJ's (including Grand Master Flash) will be playing until midnight, as the whole city, county, and surrounding area come out to wander around the Inner Harbor and take in the light show. Spotlights highlighting the whole walkway along the water, and illuminated installations all around  Harbor East to Federal Hill. It is going to be wonderful. 

Food tour first, festival later!

For more information, of course check out You can find all event, schedule, and timings for various happenings.  Bite of Baltimore will certainly be out walking the streets, and taking in the beautiful scenery.

Come join us for a Saturday or Sunday food tour, then take a stroll around the Harbor as we get emotional watching our city light up with wonder. Community, citizenry, and commercial interests all align perfectly to just see some lights. 

We still have availability Saturday, and Sunday for our regularly scheduled tours.

Eat, drink, and then as night falls you can wander off into the lights, and enjoy the crowded throngs of Baltimoreans as they are called from hibernation. It's going to be great.