Thinking of something to do this 4th of July weekend? 

Happy 4th of July! What a year it has been, and now (more than ever) our Independent Country is facing more challenges and more controversy than it has in many years.

For this 4th of July, I will take a break from the news and the controversy. I will take a break from social media. I will take time to enjoy the family, friends, fur babies, and fellow Americans that will share this holiday with me. 


This is one of only a handful of truly American Holidays. This is the marking of our Independence, and Baltimore had no small part to play in the unfolding of those events. 250 years ago, we were a strategic harbor that ferried grains and foods to the revolutionary armies fighting for freedom. Maryland earned the name "The Old Line" state, because our forces held back the far superior force of British during the battles in New York. We enabled Washington to escape, at the cost of many Maryland lives, and gained fame that is almost unparalleled in American military lore and history. Our Maryland Line was used time and again, and some of the most decisive points in many battles were turned by them. 

We fought. We fought for ourselves, and for our country, and for our people. We fought together, and we fought bravely. We believed in a dream of a better life for ourselves and for our country. 

This 4th of July means the same to me. I will be dreaming of a better life for myself, and my country. I wish wellness and wealth for all my neighbors. I wish health and happiness for all my countrymen. I will be spending the day giving of my time and capabilities to those around me, and those I do not know. 


For me, the 4th is a remembrance of sacrifice and solidarity. It is a celebration of tenacity in the face of greater opposition. It is a dream of a better world, and a better life. As our country struggles to remember it's roots, and it's common dreams of a better life, I hope that all of you have a safe and happy 4th. Enjoy the fireworks, and enjoy the cookouts. Take time to smell the roses, and avoid sunburn. 

Most importantly - remember that Baltimore has a varied history and a wonderful community. If you don't know how the city was crucial to the War of Independence, the War of 1812, or even the Civil War, then maybe you should come join a food tour. We are far from the best, or even most complete, historical source - but we will promise you the best food while you learn! 


Are you looking for a great date? Are you looking for a team building event? Are you looking to take you clients out, and show them appreciation? Are you just looking for something to do this weekend? Bite of Baltimore is the answer - a food tour and some entertainment.

Coming soon - Mt. Vernon historical food tour! Our ethnic smorgasbord of cuisine in the neighborhood is just what the doctor ordered. Come join us this July as we unleash our appreciation of immigrant and world cuisines!

We love you Baltimore. Have a wonderful 4th of July!