Corporate Team Building

Baltimore: loads of food and fun!

A fun time had by all!

A fun time had by all!

Looking for ideas for fun things to do in Baltimore with your corporate group, team, or coworkers? Looking to impress your corporate clients?

Look no further than Bite of Baltimore! Get the chance to know the city AND your coworkers by walking through the city and learning about Baltimore’s rich history.

What’s a food tour?

A food tour is a walking tour, that includes multiple stops for food at different restaurants. Think “progressive dinner”, where you have appetizers at one restaurant, an entree at another, a cocktail at the next, and dessert at yet another restaurant. All the while, you get to learn about Baltimore from an experienced and engaging tour guide. Feed your corporate guests, or get to know your coworkers and break the ice with your team!

Mount Vernon or Fells Point?

A food tour that caters to you!

Food and fun with your team!

Food and fun with your team!

We offer private and corporate tours in the waterfront neighborhood of Fells Point, and the historic Mount Vernon neighborhood in Baltimore. Our Fells Point tour features Maryland-centric food, with crab cakes and pit beef (considered to be Maryland’s version of BBQ). Our Mount Vernon tour features the multi-ethnic cuisine of the neighborhood, with Turkish and “Globally Inspired” cuisine. These two very different neighborhoods provide multiple opportunities to impress your corporate clients and your team!

Let us impress your coworkers and corporate clients!

Nothing brings your team together like great food, ice-breaking games, and camaraderie. Take your group on a food tour today!