Fells Point Food Tour

Fells Point Food Tour


Tour Fells Point with us for the inside scoop on delicious dishes

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Terms and Conditions

Please read our Terms and Conditions: We are very happy you chose to come with us on our great walking tour of some of Baltimore's coolest establishments. We should tell you, however, that it's impossible to visit them all, so we have chosen a wonderful sampling for you, but our list may change from day to week, and so forth. We get no incentives from any of these places, nor do we collect endorsement fees or receive any complimentary products. We choose the establishments to share with you based solely on our personal experience (or the personal experience of our trusted friends and colleagues) with the quality of the food, service and "feel" of the place, as we judge those things and depending on whatever mood we are in and what you might tell us you like (and we LOVE being out on the town). Also, we should say, it's just us here with you. We are not associated with any other food tour or tourist company in or outside of Baltimore. We live in Baltimore and/or grew up in Baltimore, and we LOVE Baltimore. And most of all, we are picky and look for the best of what our city has to offer (in our opinion). So, we need you to know just a couple other things. We will be out walking in urban neighborhoods, along streets and sidewalks, and in and out of public places we will show you. When you are with us, you agree to accept certain risks we all do in such environments -- and not hold us responsible in any way for them. This includes things like tripping on sidewalks, slipping on ice, and even (god forbid!) being accosted by wild squirrels or some unhappy miscreant. We all are grown ups (or come with grownups), and take our own risks. So if something bad happens (we have to say this), you agree to hold us harmless. Re the food and other consumables these establishments serve, we don't make any representations or offer any warranties, guarantees or other such things about their fitness, wholesomeness, content or healthfulness. We're just taking the horse (you!) to the trough, or any number of troughs we happen to like (but have no business interest in). And if you have any allergies, such as for certain kinds of foods and drinks and other things, again, you accept responsibility for yourself and what you choose to consume. And one more thing, from time to time we like to take photographs of some of our tours so we can show them off on our website so other people can see what a great time we are having. In coming with us, you agree that we, or others we know, can take and use pictures of YOU at our discretion. If you don't want your picture to be used, tell us at the BEGINNING of the tour and we will respect your wishes. But if you don't clearly say anything, look for your likeness on our webpage or social media. And so finally, your coming with us means you accept all these terms. We truly look forward to showing you a great time in Baltimore, and we appreciate that you chose us to show it to you. Cheers!